Welcome to Nourishing Real Talk!

Welcome to Nourishing Real Talk!

Hello, lovelies! Lindsey + I are so excited to welcome you to the inaugural episode of Nourishing Real Talk! Our first episode is a brief introduction to us, your hosts, and a taste of what you can expect from future episodes.

In this episode, we reveal our signature Nourishing Real Talk Rapid-Fire Q+A -- the very same fun + illuminating questions we’ll be asking at the end of each of our guest interviews -- and put each other to the test in answering them.

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Here's a sneak peek of the goodness...

“If I had someone that was pushing me + saying ‘who cares just do it,’ I would’ve started my current entrepreneurial venture years ago.”
— Lindsey Allen, on what she wishes she go back and tell herself at the start of her business journey
“Going from a brick + mortar business to an online business isn’t a crazy idea. You’re totally normal. You can do it.”
— Jenna Teague, on the one piece of advice she would've loved to receive when she started her business

What you'll learn about in this episode...

  • Lindsey’s day planner addiction

  • Jenna’s secret stats shame

  • Jenna + Lindsey’s canine-related guilty pleasures

  • The scourge of the 5 and 6 figure launch hype

  • Lindsey’s ultimate dream ecourse

  • Jenna + Lindsey’s controversial positions on the "real" book vs. ebook debate

  • How many calendars + scheduling systems Lindsey can use at one time (Hint: It's more than you think.)


Jenna Teague | Coaching + Counseling

Nourish Your Practice

Real Talk with Lindsey

Fearlessly Authentic Living

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Episode 1: Inspiration + Excitement at the Start of a Launch

Episode 1: Inspiration + Excitement at the Start of a Launch